Estd. 2006
South Asia
SlNoTitleBrief NewsDate 
1 Department of Biotechnology launches programme To rise clinical trial research capacity in neighb23/09/2020 .
2 Nepal: Police arrest alleged journalist murdererTelevision journalist Birendra Shah was killed 13 17/09/2020 .
3 Pakistan: Female journalist fatally shot in BalochistanShe was well-known as being a strong supporter of 07/09/2020 .
4 Rajnath's tribute at monument to Mothers of Winners He is on a 3-day visit to Moscow to attend combine04/09/2020 .
5 Australian host for China news channel detained in BeijingCheng Lei is the second Australian citizen to be d01/09/2020 .
6 “China’s huge credits is a tactic to corner India”Said former Bangladesh minister Jiauddim Ahmed ali25/08/2020 .
7 India Day celebrated with Car Parade in Long IslandNow the talk is to make the event an annual affair21/08/2020 .
8 Covid-19: Pandemic threatens press freedomChina and Turkey had highest numbers of imprisoned20/08/2020 .
9 US Air Force set for combat exercises near LACAlready assisting and supporting Indian Navy in Di19/08/2020 .
10 The decline of press freedom in Hong KongJoint Statement demanded protection of democratic 19/08/2020 .