Estd. 2006
 is a public affairs magazine launched in June 2006.

Very little is known to the outside world about the northeastern region of India that is comprised eight states. The region inhabited by about 200 tribal communities with unique flora and fauna has been historically described as the ‘abode of enchanting beauty’.

Here in this lush green region, the colourful people still today proudly retain and jealously the most distinct traits of India’s ancient civilization and culture.

According to modern researchers, the people of northeastern region have a glorious heritage where peace, tranquility and harmony had been the inseparable part of life of the people right from the early dawn of civilization. From time immemorial, here in this land people in all dimensions of their colourful life – their art, craft and literature and culture reflected an enviable aesthetic equilibrium – the loftiest gift of the graceful nature.

With the advent of British Raj the delicate texture of life in the part of the country evolved out customary traditions and practices of several centuries was badly threatened. Once the Rubicon was crossed the struggle began and tremor continues even today.

This website opens up the treasure house of the northeast to a variety of readers, reformers, researchers, historians, anthropologists, cultural activists, travelers, policy makers, intellectuals, business leaders, social scientists, bio-linguistics and host of other enquirers.

Already internationally renowned websites have carried our research and development stories. is a news and views site with a difference for objectives to project entire gamut of life in this colourful region.