Estd. 2006
Interview: Moonmoon Sen

Actress Moon Moon Sen (also credited as Moonmoon Sen) did movies in Bengali, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Marathi and Kannada films. Sen is part of a three generational family of actors and was a staple of the Bengali film industry, starring in many hit films. She eventually starred in Bollywood films, which she was not as successful as the Bengali film industry.

She was born in Kolkata to popular Bengali actress Suchitra Sen and Dibanath Sen. Her father was the son of one of the wealthiest businessmen of Calcutta, Adinath Sen.

She was educated at Loreto Convent, Darjeeling and at Loreto House, Calcutta, then in a school in England and after coming back, she graduated from Loreto College, Calcutta. She received her masters in Comparative Literature from Jadavpur University, Kolkata.

Sen received awards such as the Nandi State Award, the Kalakendra Screen Award and the Bharat Nirman Award.


Moon Moon Sen married Bharat Debbarman in 1978, a descendant of the royal family of Tripura state. They have two daughters, actresses Raima Sen and Riya Sen. She has high regard for her husband, for his consistent support of her professional acting career.

Her great grandfather Dinanath Sen was the Diwan or a Minister of the Maharaja of Tripura state. Her late mother-in-law, Ila Devi, was the princess of Cooch Behar, and older sister of Gayatri Devi, the Maharani of Jaipur. interacted with Ms Sen at her Ballygunge (Kolkata) residence.


Interview 1

Q. Being the daughter of an illustrious Mother and the 'Badhu' of a highly cultural royal family do you think you can in anyway revive the historic bond between two great gharanas of unique cultural heritage?

A. Yes, both the families are unique and illustrious. I have a great respect for them. I would love to do some good things taking advantage of this bond.  

Q. The flora and fauna, its colourful people and the unparallel scenic beauty, what mostly attracts you in Tripura?

A. All. I admire people of the state, especially indigenous people. They are so kindhearted and innocent.

Q. Given the opportunity would you like to be the goodwill Ambassador for Tripura and its people?

A. I will feel proud if get a chance to work even a small thing for Tripura as well as its people.

Q. Do your children feel proud of Tripura their ancestral home?

A. Yes surely. They (Raima & Riya) love the state.

Q. Finally does your husband make you feel that you are essentially a Tripura Badhu?

A. He has emotional and physical connection with Tripura. It makes me feel good that I am married to someone from the erstwhile princely state.

Interview 2

1. Astrological sign: Aries

2. Current engagements: Looking after my family

3. Career goals: No comment

4. Favourite restaurant / Favourite dish:  Jimmy's kitchen - Fried Rice

5. Favourite place of attraction in northeast India: Shillong

6. One thing you would love to try in northeast India: Cooking

7. Favourite Picnic Spot: Diphu - in and around

8. Dream vacation: Manipur

9. Best gift ever: Shawals from northeast India

10. Enjoy working out? Occasionally

12. Sport(s) of choice: Boxing

12. Other hobbies? Reading / watching films

13. Item can't leave home without: Watch

14. Community involvement, if any: None                    

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