Estd. 2006
Violent vs Co-operative politics in West Bengal

Sudrip Dhar

In this grave hour of COVID pandemic everybody should have stood by each other with kindness and solidarity. It is Bengal’s pity that her common people are now digesting bitter political unrest and post poll violence in this wartime situation against COVID.

Just after TMC got a landslide victory in this assembly election with two hundred and more seats; the opposition party workers and activists are receiving violent attacks at their homes and even seen ruthless murders of their family members led by the alleged TMC goons. Situation is now getting more volatile than before; record number of mob-lynching cases, gang rapes and inhuman killings are now coming in the limelight from every nook and corner of West Bengal.

Irony is, General Administration and police are showing public their eyes wide awake but are actually in a deep slumber. Especially, The West Bengal Police proving their unworthiness and dereliction of duty in controlling the ongoing post poll rampage. Allegations have revealed that the TMC Supremo is behind all these plots. Whereas, BJP for the first time came out as the major opponent party with seventy-seven seats; their party workers are not feeling safe there and now has become the soft target of TMC hooligans.

A large portion of BJP workers and supporters are now urging for complete safety and security for them and their families through social media. In distant villages and towns of West Bengal, the intensity of violence is crossing all the limits. Houses and party offices are being set on fire, breaking and getting vandalised unlawfully. The rage is that much high in West Bengal, where a mother gets killed ruthlessly by the ruffian TMC supporters along with her son while she went on saving him. Many other BJP workers have also got killed in this post poll damnation caused by the TMC rowdies.

We have never seen such kind of brutality and barbarism in Bengal before. In this pandemic time, where there is already a war going on against a minute bio enemy; the political parties all over India are busy in conducting rallies, infightings and attacks. A big matter of shame and national prestige. These earn international media criticisms and huge backlashes for India in the league of world leading nations.

These also show the world the reach and standard of Indian bureaucracy which sadly rests in the claws of political masters and functions according to their sheer nonsense. Coming back to the issue, this time political parties of West Bengal has definitely created a new record of madness and post poll violence after shamefully plotting several mass rallies and attacks, demolition of rival party offices, innocent killings and lynches and to experts, which somehow now effecting the rapid COVID case surges in Bengal.

It may cross 2x the estimation of the till now official record. It makes us all to worry and sense the prevailing terror in the gullies and mohallas of West Bengal. However, the central government is not showing concerned about the perilous situation developed over the Bengal. This shows the sheer exuviations and denial of responsibility of the BJP party and central government after failing to defend the life safety of their supporters and party workers in Bengal.

Instead of damage controlling, Bengal BJP top leadership is now involved in infightings and blame game later on which will surely affect the party organization and workers spirit. On the other side, few benevolent workers of some political parties assembled in this big fight against COVID and are really doing great jobs in Bengal. Reports are saying that from supplying oxygen supports and that of free of cost to the needy patients to delivering free food and medical facilities these people are selflessly doing their jobs 24 x 7.

This somehow shines as a ray of hope in this dark grim period of pandemic. A bright white side of The Bengal Polls 2021, where, on one side TMC and BJP workers are still engaged in filthy fights; these few people and workers of some small social political parties are making history by saving thousands of lives daily voluntarily. Undoubtedly, it shows the positive aspects of Bengal politics and of course, is an exemplary of Co-operative politics, which the nation needs the most now.

It is also expected the same from these two big rival political parties in Bengal to encourage and deploy their workers for voluntary service in fighting this war against the COVID jointly and responsibly together forgetting all political egos and boundaries. Because only together, we could likely to fight this virus better than of now and who knows, we might annihilate it soon from this society.

Our country is anciently blessed with the boon of “being healthy” than any of the past nation of that time. History is evident that together we had defeated serious diseases like Polio and Small Pox. Soon again; we all have to get together irrespective of our caste, class, politics, business and take the divine oath of fast recovery and cure.

Let’s make “Sarve Santu Niramaya” our mission and soon make it happen. Jai Hind!

(Author is final year B.A. English (Hons) student in Maharaja Bir Bikram College at Agartala)

Disclaimer: Indigenousherald is not responsible for any of expressions made in the article.

May 05 2021