Estd. 2006
The Agartala Doctrine

Subir Bhaumik

A Proactive Northeast in Indian Foreign Policy

The ‘border states’ of India, especially in the Northeast, are now considered crucial to the conduct of India’s foreign policy in the region. There is an urgent need for a robust national doctrine that could guide them in tackling pressing issues concerning them and also helping them boost their economy by accessing opportunities beyond borders.

Much as it is important to check cross­border infiltration of illegal migrants and terrorists, a defensive security mindset may prevent states from leveraging the neighbourhood for economic opportunities. 

This volume constructs such a framework by exemplifying Tripura’s not­so­well­known influence on India’s policy towards East Pakistan and then Bangladesh for more than half a century—the so­called ‘Agartala doctrine’. The contributions to this volume detail the regional environment in India’s eastern and northeastern neighbourhood, where its ‘Look East’ policy is unfolding.

The collection provides definite pointers to challenges and opportunities that can be explored for India’s economic growth, strategic advantage, and cultural influence in a comparative view of similar experiences from China, Russia, and USA. Bringing together a rich mix of perspectives from academics and practitioners from South Asia, this book is a valuable window for all those interested in understanding India’s foreign policy in this region.

Edited by Subir Bhaumik

Publisher: Oxford

Pages: 360

Price: INR 895