Estd. 2006
The 6 Spheres of Life: Unlocking the Door to Success and Happiness

Chitra Lele

By Chitra Lele

Publisher: Atlantic

Number of Pages: 208


Price: Rs 195

'The 6 Spheres of Life: Unlocking the Door to Success and Happiness' written by young and talented author Chitra Lele. Kindly request you to encourage this unique book on personal transformation. Her latest book is about unleashing inner powers and initiating the self­healing process. It has received praise and blessings from the Hon. Ex. President of India, Smt. Pratibha Patil, the Ex.Police Commissioner of Pune, Dr. Satyapal Singh, The Governor of Himachal Pradesh, Smt. Prabha Rau and many more world leaders and world organizations.The book is loaded with unique formulas and emotional tools you can use to turbo­charge your life. It’s a practical guide which provides concrete ways to achieve inner peace, virtuous values and overall well­being. It will help to cut down the unfair competition and focus on ways of collective growth.

This book is a wonderful tool to help you chart your overall progress in all spheres of life. This book will certainly be a valuable addition to your home and office library. This book will certainly be of great value in employee personality development programs and induction sessions. In these times of tough competition, this book will help to maintain inner calm and a positive focus on all the spheres of life. And you can add it to your collection by ordering it online, the links are as follows:­Life­Unlocking­Success Happiness/dp/8124802165/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1398333745&sr=1­1
or call 011­40775300 and 09911154313

About the Author: Chitra Lele is a young record­setting author, multi­time world record holder, keynote speaker and management consultant, all rolled into one. Her publications include academic and reference books, international anthologies, peace poems, scholarly articles and research papers. Chitra’s books have become very popular in government libraries, universities and colleges, and corporate workshops. She conducts sessions on team management and personal transformation across the world. Chitra has been conferred with the title of “A Versatile Writer” by the India Book of Records. She set this record by penning maximum number of academic books in a short span of 18 months. Some of her record­setting titles are: The 6 Spheres of Life: Unlocking the Door to Success and Happiness; Organizational Democracy: Collaborative Team Culture: Key to Corporate Growth; and English Language: The Gateway to Global Growth.