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Sukanya Debbarman: A unique photographer without hunger for fame

There are many hidden talents in hilly Tripura, one such individual is Sukanya Debbarman, daughter of Sujit and Sharmistha Debbarman. Sukanya has been pursuing photography as a profession for more or less 6 years now, and specialises in wedding photo shoots. As a child, she was fascinated by the relay camera and now that she is an adult, considers making photography her career not only a method to pursue her true passions, but also to fight patriarchal gender norms. 

Sukanya is an advocate for feminism and gender equality and wants to put away the stereotype that women only like to be in front of the camera, rather than behind it. She was candid with the Indigenousherald:

Why do you think photography, especially women in photography are important?

Because it is part of our visual culture, as photographers and spectators. Women in photography have always been part of it and the panorama is changing for us, i see more spaces and more women in the industry, I want more opportunities for women educators, students, curators and photographers-artists. We also provide elements for the visual culture.

You are a photographer and artist yourself, who inspired you?

Boby Joshi, a world traveller and nature admirer, he Photographs like he has been unanimously reserved by nature, he is a master storyteller of Mother Nature. So his work and his personality inspired me.

What is your vision of life?

I believes that, by doing the work I does, I am tried to paving the way for younger generations to have a better and more equal future.

What kind of collaborations between women in photography would you like to see more of ?

 I would like to spread the idea that photography can involve more people. A photographer is always working on their own and it is ok, but what could happen if photographers see more opportunities for other professionals or friends?

I invite women to think about other possible contacts to help them achieve the project they are working on.

Noted, Sukanya’s area of specialisation remains doing wedding shoots, and she is aware that people are definitely struggling financially during the pandemic, but making COVID 19 the new normal, things have had to carry on, pandemic or not. This is why, to do her bit, Sukanya has decided to use her talents for the best and to do wedding photo shoots for free for financially crippled families.

How many awards have you won?

I  won several awards for my work, the first being the Nirmala Award, which I received in 2017.Since then, I am participated and won in several online competitions such as those hosted by Memories of India, IG Kolkata and the likes. 

Since then, she has participated and won in several online competitions such as those hosted by Memories of India, IG Kolkata and the likes.

It has been hard for Sukanya since she says that the scenario in Tripura is one where you cannot succeed if you are unable to butter your higher-ups. A person wanting to establish themselves will have to have an extremely thick skin and a strong sense of determination to face all the criticism the world will throw at you, which is why many young artists drop out of the industry before they can establish themselves.

Sukanya launched CARE, a NGO, to help out the poor people who are suffering for lack of food and daily needs during the Covid-19 pandemic. She along with her team provides foods to destitute people and street vagabonds.  

June 07 2021