Estd. 2006
Kikheto Sema launches "Alphabet Poems" & "Whimsical Poems for Kids"


A book titled ‘Alphabet Poems’ and ‘Whimsical Poems for Kids’ written by Sofia Livimi Swu was launched at Hotel Japfü in Kohima.

Releasing the book, Agriculture Production Commissioner (APC), Y Kikheto Sema felt that the writers have the best profession "Writers are remembered forever, known by many and we only have few writers, who need to be encouraged and be supported".

Sema described Sofia as an extraordinary child who is doing something different and has the potential to make huge contributions to the people.

Expressing his privilege to honour the "Gift of God" to Sofia Swu, he said it was the best and the most important function he had attended thus far.

Sema congratulated Sofia's parents for fulfilling the word of God in bringing up their child in the way that it should be.

He regretted that he failed to give his time to his children as being engaged in many social and official activities and further encouraged the young upcoming generations to give more time to their children to follow the good steps of Sofia.

Sema also said writers from the mainland do not have much knowledge about the system of jhum and shifting cultivation of the Naga or the cultivation that is adapted by the hilly, He, therefore, hoped that writers will cover such issues on biodiversity and ecosystem in days to come.

Delivering the Publisher's note, Vishü Rita Krocha, PenThrill Publication House said that 'the Book' has been ready for release since last year, the same year Sofia had broken the record of becoming the youngest author from Nagaland at the age of seven.

Rita quoted "Elbert Einstein once said if you want your children to be smart, tell them stories; if you want them to be really smart, tell them more stories; if you want your children to be brilliant, tell them even more stories". She said, as children, many grew up listening to stories narrated by their parents or grandparents, which was one of the best memories of childhood. She wished that children of today would also be able to experience that somehow besides the stories they enjoy in this age of technology.

Rita said that children themselves can be the best storytellers, they tell stories in different ways and they suggest stories. 'The way they look at things is always with a new perspective and sometimes we may think it's unrealistic how they invent stories through different circumstances in their young tender lives but we must appreciate their broad outlook which we as adults often lack. 

Shekali Swu (Sofia's mother) and Kopele Mero Tepa Special Educator & Proprietor, Bumblebee Inclusive School, Kohima also spoke on the occasion. 

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