Estd. 2006
‘Heat and Dust' film: A characteristic review

Mousumi Bhattacharjee

'Heat and Dust'. A film had been made on the novel of Ruth Prawer Jhabvala's  ' Heat and Dust'. A masterpiece and prestigious Booker prize winner novel. 

Ruth, a German married to an Indian, spent a long period in Delhi. Her close observations on Indian society, colonial effects, partition, birth of a new country Pakistan and many incidents had been portrayed in her literary creations. It is about the life of a British young woman

Olivia, the prime female protagonist. Olivia married to Douglas, a civil servant of British Raj, but she was probably unable to cope with north Indian heat. Suffering from Melancholy, an unhappy wife in a new country, she met once Nawaab of Sitapur.

A very handsome and charismatic person. She was infatuated by his charming personality and drawn towards him. Finally, she was involved into a dangerous extramarital affair with Nawab that brought a disastrous effect in her life.

A scandal broke into the society; Olivia finally left her husband's home and started living with Nawab in a hill station, in isolation.

The story touched my heart and left a permanent mark in my heart.

After a long time, Olivia’s step granddaughter arrived India from England to make some enquiry about Olivia.

She too involved with an affair with a married Indian man Inder. But she was a modern British woman, not Olivia, who was afraid to give birth of her child, a fruit of her illicit relationship with Nawab and aborted.

Did the history repeat again? This young modern British woman too was pregnant.

Was there any incarnation? Was it the Olivia who came again India in the disguise of this young modern granddaughter? 

A mind-blowing storyline that will hold readers in a tight grip till its end.

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