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South Asia
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1 IFJ slams Pakistan for clamping down on digital creatorsIt demanded the government should review the regul16/02/2020 .
2 Sri Lanka: Impunity as journalists mark ‘Black January’Media rights groups are worried at escalation in c03/02/2020 .
3 UN, Global Community laud education for Rohingya childrenInitially targeting 10,000 Rohingya students in gr29/01/2020 .
4 Sri Lanka: Tamil journalists receive death threatsThe incident was immediately reported to the polic25/01/2020 .
5 Sri Lanka: Police refuse to file journo’s life threat complaint Threats against journalists are a critical rights 22/01/2020 .
6 UPDF activist shot dead in KhagrachhariRival group of PCJSS was being blamed for latest k11/01/2020 .
7 CHTDB receives ICIMOD Mountain Prize 2019ICIMOD Mountain Prize include Global Himalayan Exp22/12/2019 .
8 Paving the path towards an organic BhutanAttendees will also go on a learning field trip to18/12/2019 .
9 New President: media violence escalates in Sri Lanka The past two weeks have seen an escalation in inti17/12/2019 .
10 Nepal: Police hit journalist during SAF Games protestsSuman Chapagain was severely beaten by police whil12/12/2019 .