Estd. 2006
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1 World academies call for global solidarity on COVID-19ContributorA Communique from the InterAcademy Partnership urges countries to collaborate, use and share science-based information, and help the developing world. .
2 Smart Geo-fencing Technology to help COVID-19 PandemicA ContributorThis approach incurs high monitoring cost to the government, and brings much inconvenience to the home confinees .
3 "No stepping out" is the life-influencing message of breast cancer thriverDr Rita BanikInternational Women's Day special .
4 Fierce debates on pyro-geographies and carbon emissionsDharmendra PradhanOur stakes are collective, so efforts have to be collective albeit contextual. .
5 Bodo accord: A hope for peace and stabilityThingbaijam DhamenThe accord was one of many peace agreements which the Centre signed end armed conflict and third accord to end Bodo conflict, dates back to the pre-independence era which gained momentum from 1987 whe .
6 Pilgrimage at Lum Sohpetbneng - Khasi legendary peakA ContributorThe main celebrant Rangbah Skor Jala performed the ceremony along with few religious elders to appease the deity of Raij Mawbuh .
7 Measures to deject traditional shifting cultivationTovikali, DIPR, KohimaUnder the NAFCC (National Adaptation Fund on Climate Change) a project called "Gene pool conversation of indigenous rice varieties under traditional integrated rotational farming system (Jhum optimiza .
8 Ayushman Bharat - Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya YojanaA ContributorEach empanelled hospital has a helpdesk .
9 Niti Aayog must stop plan to privatise public healthDr Sandeep Pandey, Surabhi Agarwal, Bobby RamakantIndian per capita expenditure on healthcare is lowest in world .
10 AIDS: No end with antimicrobial resistanceShobha ShuklaTB continues to remain most-common opportunistic infection .